7 footer w/57″cues vs 8 footer w/52″ cues?

If you are looking for a pool table value or price you may have found the right place. This post is about 7 footer w/57″cues vs 8 footer w/52″ cues? and we pulled this info in from the web. There should be a price associated with the post if you just read down a little further.

7 footer w/57″cues vs 8 footer w/52″ cues?

By Billiards Forum Feed | January 9, 2015

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A 7 foot table with 57 inch cue sticks or an 8 foot table with having to use 52 inch cue sticks. I understand that the
stated room size requirements make me at the minimum for a 7 footer but every time I walk into a billiards store
they all say ...you can get away with an 8 footer....so

Which one would you go with.....my room is 12'10" x 18'0"....and if my calculations are correct these are my options

I am just a recreational player and this would be my first table. I am wondering if the 7 footer will be too small to really enjoy
and/or would the 8 footer really be annoying withy smaller cues being used at least some of the time if not all of the time.

Any help or opinions would be greatly appreciated.

I do not what to regret the purchase size....

7 footer w/57"cues vs 8 footer w/52" cues?.

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