All-Tech Industires Historical Information

If you are looking for a pool table value or price you may have found the right place. This post is about All-Tech Industires Historical Information and we pulled this info in from the web. There should be a price associated with the post if you just read down a little further.

All-Tech Industires Historical Information

By Billiards Forum Feed | June 1, 2015

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I just purchased a used All-Tech Industries Inc. pool table. The price was good, but there is little, to no information that I have been able to find.

The only identifying information on the table is the following.

All-tech Industries Inc. Hialea,h Florida. Model Number 718, Serial Number 137

If anyone has any information as to original price, were to get parts, slate thickness, etc. please let me know.

Thank for your time.

All-Tech Industires Historical Information.

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