American Shuffleboard Table Reborn

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American Shuffleboard Table Reborn

By Billiards Forum Feed | November 22, 2015

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It took around 3 months and cost about 800 for everything, but its finally done!

When i picked up this POS "free" table it had extensive carpenter ant damage, 20-30 year old cloth + rails, shakey legs and was just in all around nasty condition. What I liked about it was the fact it was a 1-piece slate old commercial table that had some nice styling . . . and it was free.

As for the work, it started with ripping out the rusted out ball return's guts, replacing the foot rail side of the table, and getting some solid legs under it(four 4x4's each strapped with 1/2" hardware, and skinned with MDF for looks). Then I re-braced the slate supports, filled in the old window on the long side, and made a new ball return out of PVC and MDF. Next up was the rhino liner paint job - sanded down with 400 grit sand paper on the rails - and blue LED rail sights all hand made. while that noise was going on, all the metal was getting powder coated and new sub rails, rails, cloth and pockets were on the way.

i also wanted a nice light for it that resembled a diamond light, only without the price tag. the holes will be filled in with some blue plexiglass rod plugs as soon as i get around to ordering it, it is supposed to match the rail sights and the paint on it is rhino liner. the dart board cabinet was also modified to match the whole set down to every little detail.

so here it is all finished, and its almost level without any shims under it. should be getting that done in a couple days.

Pre-slate and carpet, but a nice silhouette. This is the side i filled in the long rectangular viewing hole most bar tables have.

Corner can freshly powdercoated and the blue led rail sights

"The set"

Decent view of the skinned in legs and the side i re-built out of 3/4" plywood. the table is still dusty from all the sanding i had to do on the slate.

All my game room needs is a little cleaning, some leather couches, and the HVAC work completed and it'll be ready to rock.


American Shuffleboard Table Reborn.

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