Any info on Ozone Billiards tables??

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Any info on Ozone Billiards tables??

By Billiards Forum Feed | February 8, 2015

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Hi everyone.

I'm looking to buy my first table and found your website and forum while searching for information and reviews. So much great information here, thanks to all who contribute!

One manufacturer I can't seem to find much about here (or anywhere else online) is Ozone Billiards.

Does anyone have any experience with them?

Rather than pasting the whole description of their tables, here's a link to the description of the build and features. Does this sound like it has "higher end" features, or does it sound like it's a cheapo (for lack of a better term)?

Also, would you suggest spending a little more and buying a table locally, or is it OK to buy a table online if it's from a reputable company?

Thanks for any and all help, it's appreciated! :)

Any info on Ozone Billiards tables??.

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