Buying a used Olhausen Reno Pool Table

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Buying a used Olhausen Reno Pool Table

By Billiards Forum Feed | October 11, 2015

This is a new topic posted on 10/11/2015 at 12:50:17 AM by clee03m

Hi, I am looking to purchase a used pool table. I am going to see an Olhausen Reno tomorrow. Seller says it is solid wood, but how do I tell if what I am looking at is L series vs V series vs solid wood? Also, does the age of the table matter much? Would it be reasonable to ask to pay once the professional mover arrives and take apart the table in case anything is wrong with it internally? Lastly, I am not interested in re-felting if I can help it. Would the movers be able to tell if there are chips or flaws under the felt even if I don't replace it?

Thanks so much. I know a lot of you spend much more than what I am about to spend, but I am feeling a bit squirly about such a big purchase.

Buying a used Olhausen Reno Pool Table.

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