Fischer Empire VIII table

If you are looking for a pool table value or price you may have found the right place. This post is about Fischer Empire VIII table and we pulled this info in from the web. There should be a price associated with the post if you just read down a little further.

Fischer Empire VIII table

By Billiards Forum Feed | April 24, 2015

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Hello to everyone,

I was recently given a Fischer Empire VIII. The moving people I used to transport it from the in-laws to my garage, said that it was a rare table and offered me $1200. I told him no, because i didnt know the value, so I was not sure if i was getting suckered or offered a great deal.

Does anybody have any info on this type of table? I have searched the net, and have continually come up short.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Fischer Empire VIII table.

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