Should I Restore this Fischer Pool Table?

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Should I Restore this Fischer Pool Table?

By Billiards Forum Feed | March 19, 2016

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I am trying to decide if I should restore this 1960's Fischer pool table.

I just picked up a 1960's Fischer table from Craigslist. Structurally, it appears to very sound. The ball return mechanism is all intact and the slate is not broken. It is missing the door near the ball return area which originally had the change slot, but I think it can function without that for now.

There is a tear in the felt so it will have to be replaced. There is also some wear to the rails and my understanding is that they will need to be replaced due to the age anyway. The veneer on the outside has considerable damage and will most likely need to be replaced.

Do you think this Fischer billiard table is worth restoring? I only paid $20, so I am not out much if I decide to cut my losses at this point. I will add some more images when I get home tonight.

Should I Restore this Fischer Pool Table?.

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