Help Identifying Pre-1941 8ft table

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Help Identifying Pre-1941 8ft table

By Billiards Forum Feed | November 17, 2015

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Hi all,

I have a Pre-1941 8ft pool table that was placed in our home prior to construction being completed in 1941. It stayed in the same home for two generations. There is a placard that lists C.P dean(Richmond, VA) as the manufacturer. Our table appears similar to C.P. Dean's Greenbrier model. The table appears to be one slate piece and needs TLC on the felt and pockets.

Any thoughts on the value or origin of this table or accessories? We are looking to sell to a new home looking to restore it(seller to pay for professional disassembly and moving costs).

I am located in Portsmouth, VA. Your thoughts and insights on this table are appreciated.

Help Identifying Pre-1941 8ft table.

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