Help Identifying 8-Foot Pool Table?

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Help Identifying 8-Foot Pool Table?

By Billiards Forum Feed | March 19, 2016

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I've just come into possession of an 8' billiard table. It has a single piece of 7/8" slate and we had to move it ourselves. OMG, was that thing a beast! Three of us got it up a tiny set of basement stairs and through the snow into my U-Haul. Now I know why they have professional pool table movers.

There are no manufacturer markings that I can see. It's a bar style pool table with ball returns, but no coin mechanism.

Would anybody be able to tell me who made this? I know it's probably not worth a lot, but I'd love to know what I've got.

If you could tell me ANYTHING about it, I'd really appreciate it.

Help Identifying 8-Foot Pool Table?.

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