oversized problem

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oversized problem

By Billiards Forum Feed | September 20, 2007

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I was wondering if you could offer some insight to a situation I have. I am going to be re-covering an 8 foot bar table soon. New 860 and new rubber, With the new technology out for cushions, Is it still recommended to have a control strip on the cushions? However my primary question is that the table has an oversized cueball, ( not sure of the size, are they standard oversized.) The object balls are regulation 2 1/4″, now my problem is this: Do you think that if I found a balance between the cueball size and the object ball size,(if you know what I mean 1 7/16 nose for the object balls 1 x/x for the oversized cueball, then split the difference) Do you think that the cueball would get airborne,or conversely would the object balls “clunk” off the rail, or both, or neither. I would be grateful for your opinion on this subject

oversized problem.

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