Table help me decide between…

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Table help me decide between…

By Billiards Forum Feed | July 22, 2008

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I’ve been looking for a pool table and have been getting some conflicting information.

The Brunswick dealer tells me their tables are the best,

The guy down the street selling Presidential tables tells me Brunswick uses cheap slate that needs lots of filler putty and to buy his table (of course he would say that)

the Olhousen dealer tells me his tables are the best.

I really like the Brunswick Camden II and am leaning that way, however, if I spend that kind of money I want something that is going to be passed down to my kids and have the best playing surface for the longest time possible.

I’m looking at the higher end cloth (not sure what it’s called buy does not look chunky like the standard felt).

Any feedback on these brands or even the Brunswick Camden II would be much appriciated.

Also would like to know if the deal the Brunswick guy has is a good one, looking at the table, upgraded cloth on the table, an “upgraded” play package that includes horse hair brushes vs vinal, nagahide cover, “highend” resign balls, and “upgraded” two piece cues with stainless steal joint. basic cue rack, 8 and 9 ball rack. He’s asking $5,000 out the door (includes tax).

a little help would be great.

Table help me decide between….

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