Comparing brands?

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Comparing brands?

By Billiards Forum Feed | January 8, 2008

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Hey all….first time poster here. I’m buying my first pool table, and am a bit overwhelmed by all the info out there! Here’s what I know….I want:
8 ft.
1″ slate – 3 pieces
Cross sectioned braces underneath
Metal screws screwed into metal fasteners – not the wood directly
To not spend a fortune (like the $52,000 table I saw!!!)
A ball return, but I hear they’re more trouble than they’re worth?

So, I’m looking to spend about $2,000 including installation. Can you give me some help on what brands I should be looking at? My dad’s had a Brunswick for about 30 years, and it’s held up very well. The other brands I’ve seen are Spencer Marstens, AMF, Greenleaf? ( What else am I missing?

Any direction would be appreciated…


Comparing brands?.

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