Help! Advice needed: purchasing first used table

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Help! Advice needed: purchasing first used table

By Billiards Forum Feed | September 17, 2015

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I am a casual pool player, not very experienced and don't know a lot about tables but have always wanted my own pool table at home. We recently finished our basement and am now serious about buying a used table locally. There are many, many available on craigslist for under 2 grand and from Philly area dealers. I know you get what you pay for but I don't need a high end or expensive table...but I do want something decent, name brand, slate top, less than 15 years old etc. It seems that used pool tables are like used boats, there are so many for sale for far less than what they cost new just a few years ago and people that don't end up using them, want to get rid of them for much less than they paid. I'd like to spend around a grand and just want to know I am getting a half decent table for the money.

I have been poking around for a few weeks and now that the basement is officially done, I am getting ready to pull the trigger and have these 2 in mind that I found locally.

The first is an Olhausen Americana that the owner says is about 15 years old and was very rarely used. I assume it includes the accessories and I'm sure I can get it for less than a grand but will have to pay to have it disassembled, moved and reassembled. I have seen moving prices ranging from $250 to $500. What does a local move typically cost?

Pool table - $1050 (Chester Springs, PA) (

Olhausen pool table. Accufast bumpers. Pool sticks, balls, cover and other accessories included. Excellent condition. Rarely used. Already disassembled for easy transport as you cannot move it when it's assembled due to the slate.

The second is a Brunswick Madison, I don't know how old (waiting for the owner to tell me) but it is not the antique Madison, it was probably made in the 90's and may be newer. It includes all accessories, and it was just recovered. I can get it for $1200, maybe a little less AND the price includes transport and professional installation.

8' Brunswick Pool Table **Free Delivery and Setup!** - $1500 (Green Lane, PA) (

I am selling my 8' Brunswick Madison pool table. Included in the price is a professional delivery and install!

  • Brand new felt **Never Played On**
  • 2 Cues
  • 8 Ball rack
  • Belgium Aramith Balls **$120 Value**
  • Matching chalk
  • Brush

I have read that at that price, The Madison is a pretty decent first table. Can anyone tell me if one is far better than the other?

THANK YOU for any advice or input!


Help! Advice needed: purchasing first used table.

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