Meucci – D Howard – info & value

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Meucci – D Howard – info & value

By Billiards Forum Feed | May 27, 2016

This is a new topic posted on 05/27/2016 at 5:02:14 PM by Hardhit

Hi, I'd been playing billiards since I was 5 years old and gave it up about 12 years ago for a steady job and family.
I want to sell these two cues and need a little information about them before I part with them. Better to have someone put them to good use rather than sit in the closet.
The cues have been used and are in good condition.

Pictures attached
1) David Howard (About year 1989 or 1990) (13mm shaft) (19oz)
2) Original (4 point) (12mm Shaft) (21oz) (about 1988)

Can some tell me anything about them?
What value they may have?

Meucci - D Howard - info & value.

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