New table advice

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New table advice

By Billiards Forum Feed | May 31, 2010

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I have a friend who has a 9′ pool table that he doesn’t use and he’s offered it to me. The room I have to put it in is 17′ long, which and gives me 5+ feet of clearance on the long sides but only 4′ on the ends. I’m hoping you guys can help me figure out the best way to do this.

Options as I see them:

1) Get some shorter cues. From testing, it feels like an extra 6″ of space would make a standard 57″ cue work ok, probably even for shots from the rail. I see that you can buy 52″ or 48″ cues. How much of a difference will that make? That is, are there decent quality 52″ cues? Or will it feel like I’m playing with one of those 36″ crap sticks?

Also, I don’t have a good feel for how many shots it will affect. That is, balls 6″+ off the rails would probably work ok with a full sized cue. That said, I don’t really want to have to change cues for every shot.

2) Try to trade the 9′ table for an 8′ table. That gets me an extra 6″ on each end, which feels like it would work ok with a full sized cue on almost every shot.

I don’t know how easy / practical trading tables would be. I don’t know the brand/model of this table offhand, but my understanding is that it’s a reasonably nice table. It’s effectively never been played on and has always been covered, so it should be in great shape.

Suggestions? Advice? If only the room was a foot or two longer…



New table advice.

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