Question about identifying a used pool table

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Question about identifying a used pool table

By Billiards Forum Feed | August 7, 2015

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I and some roommates picked up a free used pool table off of Craigslist. Got it home and realized it needed some tlc but was overall a well built table. The family had a new table and not used this one in at least 10 years they were moving and couldn't take both tables. Has anyone ever heard of DC Pool Table & Accessories MFG. Co. Out of Washington DC? Trying to date the table roughly. The plate on the table is labeled as The Metropolitan No 8. I know the table is old as all of the bolts and nuts on the table are square and all of the bumpers after all this time are in perfect condition (sorry new stuff isn't built to last). If anyone can help identifying the table or could point me in the right direction to do we would greatly appreciate it.

Thanks Drew

Question about identifying a used pool table.

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