New To Billiards Need Pool Table Advice

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New To Billiards Need Pool Table Advice

By Billiards Forum Feed | June 13, 2015

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I have been wanting to take up a cue sport for quite a while. So naturally when my wife randomly said " you know a pool table would go in that room quite nicely" I started looking for tables!

The problem being I am in little old New Zealand, in a very small town, with a even smaller budget haha. I have a few things I can't find via Google. I would be very thankful if you can help:)

  1. Is it going to be possible to transport a 8-9foot table in a couple of station wagons? Keep in mind this is New Zealand, so im not worried about weather the car etc. just if I can actually fit the pieces in etc. there are very few tables ever for sale near where I live. I assume any table with ball return will be harder to move, or not so?
  2. Am I likely to get a better immediate result by: Buying a nicer table that has a more worn felt and rubbers. Or a slightly worse table but have the $$ left for new felt and rubbers? I figure if I really get into it down the track I can invest in a decent table.
  3. Can I set up a "english" table like a "american" table? With new rubbers?
  4. Any suggestions on adding a top to the table to use it as a normal table?

New To Billiards Need Pool Table Advice.

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