Unknown Brunswick model

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Unknown Brunswick model

By Billiards Forum Feed | January 18, 2016

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I've been reading your forums for the last couple of weeks as I moved from site to site searching for info on old Brunswick tables and just registered, as I appreciate the knowledgeable help given to a few.

My particular situation is my father's pool table. He purchased it in '71 from a guy that either told him it was a Brunswick or perhaps it was on the slate or bumpers. If it is a Brunswick, it appears to be a 'slant side' model. The odd issue is the number of bolts between the pockets. By all appearances (sans a 'Brunswick' label or stencil), it appears to be a Brunswick 'Victor' or 'Aviator' slant-side model matching the range of patent dates on the label, but all images or sketches I've found of similar tables have only 3 bolts between the pockets.

Can anyone help identify the table and/or provide a reference for a broker that might be interested in finding a home for it? My father & mother finally (after 30 years) agree that it is time for the table to go.

Thanks in advance for any assistance. Finding a home for this table would make my mother very happy.


Unknown Brunswick model.

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