Used Pool Table Questions

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Used Pool Table Questions

By Billiards Forum Feed | January 18, 2008

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Wife and I are going to be looking for a used table and we have a few questions.
We’ll be getting an 8′ standard 3 piece slate table w/ drop pockets – probably a used Olhausen or Brunswick, possibly an economy 3 piece slate such as Silver Leaf.

Is the felt ‘always’ stabled to the slate bed? I’ve seen the spray-on adhesive, I assume that is for the cheaper ‘slatron’ tables. Can the felt be re-used? Or, does removing the felt destroy it?

We plan on using a local service for assembly and leveling.
However, I’m considering do the disassembly and moving myself.
I have a 3/4 ton truck, I’m mechanically inclined, and have learned to take things slow as I’ve aged [;)]
Anyone have a link for disassembly of tables? I assume remove, rails, felt, wax for accessing the bolts,etc…
I’d use a pallet strapped down in the truck to prevent movement and then place the slate on the pallet w/ moving blankets and/or 2×4’s between the slate for transport w/ the slate strapped to the pallet.

I figure if I transport the table I can work out a better deal for installation to include new felt for what a traditional move/install would cost.

Thoughts, suggestions, links???


Used Pool Table Questions.

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